Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 :Maps in AOT

Hi All today i am covering a small topic which is Maps in AOT

Maps are nothing just an element/object the makes possible to link/associate map fields with fields(same type with different names) in different tables like, I have create a MAP with field (AccountNum) and Same field exist in CustTable and also in VendTable,so I can associate field in CustTable and in VendTable with Maps, so basically  Maps enables to access the fields with different name in different tables.


I have created a Map by navigating to AOT>Data Dictionary>Maps and right click and new and gave it name ‘MapTest’


I have created 4 fields in under Fields node in Map (drag and drop from EDT)


Now the next thing I need to do is to associate the fields in map with the fields in different tables, let say I am taking two tables (CustTable and VendTable).


Notice that above, four fields that I have created in Maps also exist in CustTable as well as VendTable with different names.

To associate fields, go to Mapping node, right click it and click New mapping, and enter the table that you want to associate in Mapping Table field. Like


And the associate fields with fields in MAP


Now I have created a method called printInfo under method node in Maps, which print the value of the map field AccNumber.

public void printInfo()


info(strFmt(“Map : AccountNum :%1”,this.AccNumber));


Similiarly I have create same methods under method nodes of CustTable and VendTable which are printing their respective AccountNumber fields

map7 map8

Now finally I have created a job see below I  am not describing every line as I have added comments above the line.


When I run this job see what happens



10 responses to “Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 :Maps in AOT

    • Thanks Johnkrish,
      Yeah, so by using AOT map , we can have the leverage of using any method of the table that we have mapped within our AOT map. By seeing the example, the same map is calling the methods within the tables i.e. Custable,VendTable

  1. Whatever you were explaining is good. But the thing is how to get the original account number from the cust table and the vend table.

    • May i know the specific?
      If i understand your question correctly. You mean how we can write and read the values of Cust and Vend table records.

      Ans: We have several examples within AX. like we have a table ‘CustVendPaymProposalLine’; which has a method ‘custVendTable’ in which we are setting the map.
      case ModuleCustVend::Cust :
      custVendTable = CustTable::find(this.AccountNum);

      case ModuleCustVend::Vend :
      custVendTable = VendTable::find(this.AccountNum);

      Similiarly for retrieving we have table AgreementHeader ‘initFromCustVendTable’.

      How this explain.Please let me know If there is something else needs to be described.

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