Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Create Sales Order in AX 2012


This post is all about creating a new sales order (Sales Order header & Sales Order Line) in Ax 2012 via x++ code/automated process.

What is Sales Order:

When a company sales any thing (may be goods/item or give services) to their client/customers then this whole process is called sales process and the information stored in the document called Sales Order.

So if we guess what information usually stores in the Sales Order.So few things we can identify.

  • Customer Info(usually saves in SO(Sales order) header)
  • Item/Service info( save in SO line)
  • Sales Order Id( saves in SO header)

For Example:

SalesHeader and SalesLine

SalesHeader SalesLIne

So New lets create a new sales order. I am writing a job and in the job i will add comments on each line so that you guys can understand what actually the line is doing.

Sales Order : stores SO header values

Sale Line : stores SO line values

relation between the two is via SalesId on SalesLine table  SalesLineRelation




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