Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 : Display field for AIF Outbound

Scenario: Recently i come across a scenario, that I need to expose a form/table field which is actually a displayMethod to outbound integration .My requirement was to expose the EcoResProduct.productSubType().

In order to do that please perform following steps

1. If not already done so, create a display method in the table you are 
exporting. It does not have to be the root table, it can be any table in the 

2. Edit the corresponding AX table class (Ax<table>) by adding a 
parm<display_method> method that returns your display method 

3. Refresh the AIF actions 
4. If you have used the schema earlier, recreate all processes relying on 
the schema at the AIF Endpoint

5. You should be good to go.



For my new AxBc* class , Class = legInventItem_EcoResProduct_EcoResProduc

public EcoResProductSubtype parmProductSubType(EcoResProductSubtype _value = 0)
// added this to send calculated field.
//BP Deviation documented
return EcoResProduct::find(this.get_Attribute(#RecId)).productSubtype();

For AxEcoResProduct class, (Use primitive return type)

public str parmProductSubType()
return strFmt(‘%1’,ecoResProduct.productSubtype());




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