Workflow Managerial Hierarchy :Purchase Requester Managerial Hierarchy with in Request for Quote Workflow

Hello Guys,

Recently i have came across an issue in order to customize the Workflow Managerial Hierarchy. You can see the complete question here

However there were no response to that. I read the technet about providers and digged in to the class which actually handles this workflow hierarchy which is ‘WorkflowLimitHierarchyProvider’. The two methods there i read and were important and leads to gave me the solution were:



In both methods we have the standard edts setup like



So it means ,  where ever place these edts are used in the table and if the table is used in the workflow the newly created fields based on these edts will automatically be available in the workflow heirarchy and actually that did the trick for me.

I add a new field in my RFQ table (PurchRFQCaseTable) from the edt ‘PurchReqPreparerRecId’ and gave the name Purch req. prepare . see below


and after compilation and IL generate i was able to see the field and workflow hierarchy editor



So finally i was able to  get the purch requisition prepare value to be used in the Request for quotes workflow hierarchy assignment.






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